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Zag puts leadership and team dev in the hands of team leaders, where it belongs:  

  • Weekly, 10-minute video lessons from industry experts on everything from the science of great teams to the psychology of change
  • Simple, step-by-step leader discussion guides for each learning track
  • Team guides and tools to make the learning relevant and real
  • 90-second team culture surveys to measure progress
  • Talks and articles for team leaders
  • Available for mobile iOS, Droid, or PC

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Your company gets the tools to track enterprise learning for business intelligence and admin control. Whether you have 25 or 2,500 employees, your company subscription is one, low, flat fee. 

  • Track learning hours and attendance
  • Set up required learning to prioritize topics and keep teams on the same page
  • Manage teams and users within company groups
  • Tin Can/xAPI, SCORM compliant to work with your LMS or LRS if you have one.
  • Team and leader coaching on request
  • Single sign-on available for a small, one-time fee. Usually around $500-1K.

"This is my first time leading a team, and it's made a big difference. What we learn in Zag becomes our vocabulary as a team. Every week I hear people on my team use something they learned. To me, that's the ultimate evidence it's helping. And it's so easy to use I don't even have to think about it."

Stephanie Carter

Marketing Team Lead

Leaders and their teams love Zag. So will you.

Happy. Happy. Happy.

"Zag gives my team a cultural foundation and communication style to build on. Right after we started using Zag in our Monday team meetings, we were working more like a team and less like a group of individuals. You guys are making a huge impact in our business. I can't thank you enough."

Josh Little

Startup Founder

"Zag is creating positive change in myself and my team, and I think my team looks at me as an expert in leadership, which I really don't think I am. So having Zag helps me nurture the growth of myself and my managers in our Friday morning meetings, and that has been really fun and cool to experience."

Jackson Owen

Healthcare Executive Director

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